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We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Industrial Storage Racks, Electronic Workbenches, Packing Assembly Workstations, Tables in Aluminium Profiles, FIFO Storage Racks, Industrial Warehouse Storage Racks and Selective Pallet Racks and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Industrial Storage Racks

Shiv Technology is a trusted provider of Industrial Storage Rack Solutions, offering a diverse range of products designed to optimize storage and organization in Industrial settings. Our extensive product range includes Electronic Workbenches, packing assembly workstations, tables in aluminum Profiles, FIFO storage racks, Industrial Warehouse Storage Racks, and selective Pallet Racks.

Our Electronic Workbenches provide a dedicated and organized workspace for electronic assembly, testing, and repair. These workbenches are designed to accommodate the specific requirements of electronic components and equipment, offering features such as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection, integrated power outlets, cable management systems, and adjustable shelving.
Our Packing Assembly Workstations are specifically designed to streamline packing and assembly operations. These workstations feature ergonomic designs and customizable configurations to enhance productivity and efficiency. They provide ample workspace, storage options, and accessories for packaging materials, tools, and supplies, ensuring a well-organized and productive packing area.
Our tables in Aluminum Profiles offer sturdy and versatile work surfaces for various industrial applications. These tables are constructed using high-quality aluminum profiles that provide excellent durability and customization options. They can be easily configured and modified to meet specific workspace requirements, offering flexibility and adaptability.
Our FIFO Storage Racks are designed to optimize inventory management and ensure the first-in, first-out principle. These racks are equipped with flow shelves or rollers, allowing products or materials to flow smoothly from the back to the front. FIFO storage racks promote efficient stock rotation, minimize product handling, and enhance productivity in warehouses, distribution centers, and production facilities.
Our Industrial Warehouse Storage Racks provide robust and scalable solutions for heavy-duty storage applications. These racks are designed to maximize vertical space utilization and facilitate easy access to stored goods. They are available in various configurations, such as selective pallet racks, drive-in racks, and push-back racks, to accommodate different storage needs and optimize warehouse operations.
Selective Pallet Racks are widely used in warehouses and distribution centers for efficient palletized storage. These racks feature a design that allows individual pallets to be accessed directly, maximizing accessibility and selectivity. Selective pallet racks offer versatility and adaptability, allowing for easy configuration and reconfiguration based on changing storage requirements.

At Shiv Technology, we are committed to delivering high-quality industrial storage rack solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our experienced team works closely with customers to understand their storage requirements and provide customized solutions that optimize space, improve efficiency, and ensure safety. We prioritize the use of durable materials and adhere to industry standards to ensure the reliability and longevity of our storage rack systems. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support, including installation, maintenance, and technical assistance, to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of our products.

If you are looking for reliable and efficient industrial storage rack solutions, Shiv Technology is your trusted partner. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs, and our dedicated team will assist you in finding the perfect solution for your industrial storage requirements.